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Smith On Branding

Movie Studio sets a New Low for Irresponsible marketing

February 15th

Every once in a while a brand does something so stupid, you have to say, "What were they thinking?" This is clearly one of those times. As reported in Variety and picked up by Adweek, Twenti…

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Brands promote inclusion in a year of anti-Muslim vitriol

January 5th

Something I saw on TV during the holidays was so good, it made me think, maybe there’s hope for the advertising business after all! The Amazon Prime TV spot we showcase in this editi…

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The Great Breakfast Cereal Feud

December 2nd

Who knew the next battle in the aftermath of a presidential election that established new lows in American politics would be fought at the breakfast table? Have we now entered into a whole n…

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The Right Way (And the Right Reasons) to Disagree With Your Boss

October 19th

Here's a great little piece that came across my radar screen today. From Fast Company, helpful advice for anyone who needs to "play well with others."

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Toyota’s “You Don’t Own Me” is Less Stupid, Still Laughable

October 14th

I’ve often said Honda and Toyota have had some of the industry’s stupidest advertising. It’s safe to say most of their efforts to reach the Millennial demographic have just been embarrassing…

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Budweiser’s New Campaign Taps Into Political Climate

June 1st

The King of Beers’ latest summer season redesign of its labels is attracting a lot of attention, but some of it is definitely for the wrong reasons.Budweiser announced the campaign, official…

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Chevy’s tribute to Prince: “So good, it’s running in print, too.”

May 3rd

Adweek’sroundup of brands’ tributes to Prince, who passed away last month at only 57 years of age, includes mostly “purple-clad homages.” Very predictably, lots of brands wanted to “join the…

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Film about McDonald's "Founder" Ray Kroc to be released this summer

April 27th

Here's another "bio pic" about a big brand - this time it's McDonald's. This film is more about Ray Kroc than the brand itself. Of course it is nearly impossible to separate the two. What Jo…

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Brands Are Making Packages the Media of the Future

March 16th

What are consumer packaged-goods marketers doing to fight back against consumer ad-avoidance trends? As reported by Jack Neff in AdAge, they’ve have been making packages more of a pr…

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Is “Product-Centric Marketing” a New Concept in Food & Beverage Advertising?

February 1st

Remember when ads for soda pop were simple? That close-up shot of the fizzy water being poured over ice – ahhh, the refreshing taste of (fill in the blank). Simple and effective. Coke rememb…

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